Vana Tallinn Cream Original Liqueur (16%)

Vana Tallinn Original Cream Liqueur was invented at 2001 to celebrate Women’s Day. There are combined traditinally Vana Tallinn characteristic rum flavour, herbs and lemon aromas to fresh cream. Bottled on 50cl with 16% volume, price was 5.99€ at Rimi/Estonia.

Vana Tallinn herbal aromas are well featured, rum or other spirit gives the body and cream brings softness. Even there is only 16% alcohol I can fell a certain bite, which makes think there might be used also rectiofied spirit as base alcohol. Mouthfeel is thick, much thicker than on Baileys or Dooley’s. Anyway it’s not too sweet, sugar and herbs are well balanced. Overall it feels more stronger than Irish cream liqueurs, which can be a surprise for many on the beginning.


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