Vana Tallinn Cream Coffee Liqueur (16%)

Vana Tallinn is one of the best known trademark in Estonia and due to original liqueur, there is also plenty of different cream liqueurs with different flavours. Vana Tallinn Cream Coffee liqueur is made by cream, egg yolk, neutral spirit, flavours and coffee essence. 50cl bottle bought from Prisma at 5.99€.

Nose is creamy with coffee and vanilla nuances. Taste have strongly coffee flavour with some vanilla and typical Vana Tallinn nuances. It’s very well balanced, the coffee aroma is strong but it do not hide all other aromas. Mouthfeel is thick and even it’s only 16% alcohol by volume there is noticable alcohol bite. Taste is very nice and if you like coffee liqueurs you wont disappointed. Highly recommended!


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