Cinzano Extra Dry Vermouth (18%)

Cinzano is over 250 years old vermouth producer, owned nowadays by Gruppo Campari. Extra Dry vermouth is manufactured from dry white wine, slightly amount of sugar and over 35 different herbs. The receipt is secret for sure, but at least wormwood, cinnamon, clove, majoraan, thyme, yarrow and gentians are been used. 100 cl bottle costs 9.69€ at SuperAlko (Estonia).

Aroma is light and sweet, but taste is very dry, clearly bitter and strongly herbal. Taste is much stronger than what you can expect from aroma, also taste profile is very different than on the Bianco vermouth. There’s lots of going on the taste, herbs what can be found are at least wormwood, sage, mint and anise. It’s quite strong to drink on it’s own (due also to rather high ABV) so it’s best with ice cubes or/and soda/tonic water. Strong herbal content is bit weird on beginning, but you’ll get used to it soon and start to find plenty of different nuances. Cinzano Extra Dry is very high quality, strong vermouth, which challenge you more than less herbal Martini & Rossi. 


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