Barbuda White Rum (37.50%)

Barbuda Rum is produced by Estonian Remedia Distillery, established at 1991. It’s now owned by Latvian Amber Distribution, which is the biggest alcohol distributor in Baltic states.
Barbuda White Rum is column distilled from molassis, aged few month or barrels or vats and filtered to clear. It’s blended bulk rum which most of the Estonian producers buy, bottle and sell through their own brand. Price or 50cl bottle was 6.99€ (Maxima).

There are all the typical aromas of cheap rum, a bit of sweet sugar cane and some spices like vanilla. Taste is very neutral, there is just a hint of molasses. Burn is mild like on neutral vodka and aftertaste very short. It’s very light and bulk produced rum, filtered efficiently and there is not any side tastes to disturb. Can’t find any fruit or aromas which comes when aging on barrels. For the cocktails the taste is too light and thin, so only use of this is to mix it with coca-cola or other soft drink.


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