Abruka Vodka (40%)

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Abruka is a small island under the Estonian biggest island Saaremaa. There are 33 people living all year round on Abruka, in summer hundreds of more. Abruka Vodka is made to order of Flagest, Estonian grocery wholeseller. It’s “estonian vodka” whatever it means, for it’s price range it’s definitely made for imported rectified spirit. It’s propably on sale at Abruka’s food store where tourists buy it as a local product. 50cl bottle price range ~ 7.50€.

Aroma and taste are neutral, quite dry, taste have a recognizable ethanol burn. Aftertaste is dry and somewhat bitter. It’s not as neutral as Vergi from Koch, maybe it’s not filtered so much. Anyway there is not grain taste but some impurities. Not the worst Estonian vodka but do not offer anything that separate from another cheap vodkas.


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